City Begins Pothole Repair; Requests Residents’ Calls

Thick, heavy snow followed by a 45-degree swing in temperatures has caused the street pavement to crack, creating many potholes, some of them huge.  So, the City Streets Department is turning its focus from snow plowing to pothole patching.

The patching material holds better and longer if it is applied when the pavement is dry.  So, the Streets Department works on days where no rain is expected.

Teams of St. Louis Streets workers drive all of the City’s arterial streets and patch the potholes they see.

After that, they turn their attention to potholes reported to the Citizens Service Bureau.

The city encourages residents to report potholes to the Citizens’ Service Bureau by calling 314.622.4800, tweeting to @stlcsb, or filling out a request for service online.

The Streets Department has a goal of patching potholes reported to the CSB within 48 hours of getting a request, weather permitting.

Patching potholes addresses the problem quickly to protect motorists from damage to their cars.  But, these pothole patches are a temporary solution.  Some of them will not hold until spring, others could pop out even sooner.