Court Advocacy Training Sessions

The St. Louis Circuit Attorney’s Office has scheduled at Advocacy training session on August 23rd.  The training educates residents regarding how to write an Impact Statement and what to expect if a resident intends to make an appearance in a court case. See below for further explanation.  The training session is scheduled for:

August 23

10 – 11:30am

Location:  Southampton Presbyterian Church

                   4716 Macklind (across the street from Macklind Deli)


This session is being offered to residents in the Lindenwood, Southampton and St. Louis Hills neighborhoods but any interested person from other neighborhoods can attend.   Please email Vince Stehlin, Liaison Officer at if you wish to attend.


Impact Statements are written statements given to the Court on the impact of a particular crime or type of crime on a neighborhood.  They must follow certain guidelines or the Prosecutor cannot submit them as part of the case.  The Circuit Attorney’s Office requires attendance at Court Advocacy Training before accepting an Impact Statement.


Court Appearances involve actual attendance in Court by residents  who live in the neighborhood where the crime was committed.  It allows residents another opportunity to describe the impact of crime on their neighborhood.  A court appearance sends a powerful message that this neighborhood will not tolerate crime.  The Circuit Attorney’s Office requires attendance at Court Advocacy training before residents can make a court appearance.