Lawn and Garden Contest

Each year the LPNA runs the Lawn and Garden contest during the month of June.  Nominations are accepted through June 30 and judging begins mid-July.

Winners are announced at the Neighborhood Meeting in September. Winners are awarded a gift certificate to Bayers Garden Shop, have a yard sign in their yard announcing them as winners, and will have their lawn or garden photographed and listed on the LPNA website and on social media.

The 2021 winners:

Best Front Yard:
Kevin Sthair – 45XX Wabash (Kevin had a perfect score!)

Best Back Yard: TIE!
Patti Seagrave – 66XX Pernod
Adam Sears – 66XX Marquette

Unique Garden: (this could be a container garden, veggies, fairy/gnome, anything out of the ordinary)
Dan Anson – 69XX Fyler

Honorable Mention: (business-related property – no prize awarded)
Machacek Library

We truly have some beautiful gardens in our neighborhood and would like to thank everyone for the great response and for the huge amount of nominations we received this year. We are proud to be able to recognize the hard work our neighbors dedicate to gardening and helping to beautify our area.

Many thanks to the judges of the 2021 lawns and gardens:
Kari Elbe
Tyna Elbe
Gabe Gassner
Lisa Roggeman
Sally Sellenriek,
Emily Yale

Please email if you’d like to be involved in judging next years’ lawns and gardens.