LPNA Board Meeting Minutes – 10/10/2018

Lindenwood Park Neighborhood Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

October 10, 2018 – 7pm – 9pm, Epiphany’s Assumption Room

Present: Pat Acquisto, Greg Roggeman, Lisa Roggeman, Joe Vaccaro, Emily Rogier, Tim Nowell, Milton Murry

Apologies: Lindsay Alsop, Doug Dick, Carol Hofer, Jessica Sullivan

Absent: Craig Strohbeck

The Minutes from August 11, 2018 were approved.


Procedures for the disbursement of funds were discussed and agreed upon as follows:

  • All requests for funds over $50 must be accompanied by a receipt or invoice from the person requesting the funds;
  • All requests for funds of $500 or more must be ok’d by the President or Vice-President in writing or electronically prior to funds being disbursed;
  • Checks written for $1,000 or more will require two signatures.
  • No wire transfers;
  • No checks will be written without an accompanying invoice.


General Membership Meeting

  • Recognize Board Members and recognize LPNA neighborhood improvements and accomplishments;
  • Invite neighborhood business owners – City Sewing Room & River’s Edge Social;
  • Christmas party – bring cookies, and slide show of Wabash garden and Community Garden (pending).


Neighborhood Business Report

Ivanhoe Business Development: Seth Davis will run with this.  He has met with Pat and was given the questionnaire and it was explained that our place (LPNA) is to help the businesses.

Haffner Building on Ivanhoe: (old Creative Framing building) Building has new windows and is looking good.

Vape shop on Watson: Shop is in violation if it is open – Joe to confirm.  Owner has business license but only to work out of his house and not from the Watson location.  He must go through the legal and correct procedures and apply for a permit.  The process will require a conditional hearing.


Aldermanic Report

  • Circle K: Street Dept. should be having a meeting with Circle K. Bollards are up and working well so far.
  • 6449 Pernod: 2 Sisters have the property in both names. One will buy the other out.  Currently no gas or water in the house. Accommodations will be made for them to collect their personal belongings.  House is unoccupied.
  • House on Tholozan: Owner has a landscaping business and regularly burns all the landscaping debris in his back yard, creating huge amount of smoke and debris flying around.


Committee Reports

Streets & Properties:

  • Possibly look at placing bollards at the Jamieson/Pernod intersection.
  • 6900 Pernod: It seems that both houses were sold and there’s a dumpster in front of one of the houses.
  • 6979 Pernod: City will cut the grass. House seems to be empty and the junk was removed.
  • 7081 Pernod: House is still condemned but for sale for $92,900. Price was reduced from $119K.
  • Tholozan @ McCausland: New house is up and looking good. Old house on the property will have a 2nd floor added to it.




  • Lindenwood Live: Committee plan to have a “wrap up” meeting and discuss possibilities for 2019. For 2018, attendance was down, will possibly look at adding a 4th concert with a primo band.
  • Movie Night: Approximately 70 people attended. The cost of this is $750.  May cancel movie night in lieu of adding a concert to Lindenwood Live – more attendees, possible sponsorship.
  • LinFest: Lisa will email the Board the final numbers once all details are received. 8 sponsors, 23 vendors, 12 artisans, 6 comped vendors.  Needy Paws Rescue – adoptable dogs and dog walk, bike parade, bounce house and slide, 3 balloon artists, Off Topic band, Bubble Bus, Photographer added to the entertainment.  Raffles & t-shirts sold from LPNA tables.  Attendance seemed down from previous LinFest’s – possibly due to heat/humidity/rain and several other festivals occurring at the same time.  Vendor feedback on event day was positive, Chick-Fil-A cow was a success and many compliments received from neighbors.  Lisa regretted to announce that she will no longer be co-chairing this event but will help during the event.
  • Tweetup: Tweetup’s are set up for October 23rd at Trattoria Marcella and November 27th at Salt + Smoke.
  • Holiday Lighting Contest: Jorie Schuckman will once again run this.



  • Website: Registration is working well. Had a couple of issues but was able to work it out with Darren from Hot Lava.  We need to try and discourage people from using the paper form but rather direct them to the website to sign up online so that we can maintain a larger database of membership and the system will generate renewals automatically.  Lindsay will need to continue monitoring his Excel spreadsheet until all members are listed online.  We cannot join members ourselves as the member will need to create an account with their own password.



Green Team: Attendance has been up this year.  September’s clean-up was rained out.  Next highway clean-up is scheduled for Nov 3rd.

Park: Nothing to report

Community Garden: Plants from the beds need to be removed and winterized.  Looking for new gardeners for the new year.

Wabash Garden: Had help planting 180 plants and got everything planted in 1 ½ hours in very hot and humid weather.  Will need volunteers to help with putting newspaper around the plants for mulching.  Pastor Rall may put a hive in the garden.  Trees were trimmed on other side of the fence.


Block Captain Report:

  • October was the last meeting for the year. WE had 2 new Block Captain’s attend: Mary Ann Rogers and Kenny Reagan.


Treasurer’s Report

  • Lindsay was unable to attend but will give feedback at the next Board meeting in November.


Old Business

New logo & Royal Bank volunteers:

  • Carol was unable to attend to report back.


New Business

New Board Members

  • Lindsay and Lisa recommended 2 people, but they have only lived in the neighborhood for a few months. Lisa will send the document used for Board Orientation defining a Board Member’s requirements to Pat and this will be under discussion at the next meeting.
  • Need to involve paid-up members to nominate candidates for Board positions.


Respectfully submitted,

Lisa Roggeman