LPNA Board Meeting Minutes – 10/11/2017

Lindenwood Park Neighborhood Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

October 11, 2017


Attendance: Janet Desnoyer. Carol Hofer, Shawn McLain, Tim Nowell, Pat Acquisto, Lisa Roggeman, Greg Roggeman, Doug Dick, Lindsay Alsop, Walt Winters, Joe Vaccaro, Milton Murry


The August, 2017 minutes were approved with one change: 7086 Pernod s/b 7081 Pernod.


Streets & Property – Walt Winters will chair the committee going forward. Walt recommended potential use for the Linden Heights Housing Corp as outlined in the minutes from the Streets & Property Committee’s September 25, 2017 meeting. He also requested approval to implement them as part of the Streets & Property Committee future plans. The Board unanimously approved.


General Membership Meeting – Business owners will be invited to speak. Janet will contact Blue Print Coffee. Name will be drawn for new member winner at December meeting.


Transitioning Janet’s duties:

*SLACO – Lindsay will not be a SLACO rep for the Lindenwood Park neighborhood. Janet would like to see someone from the neighborhood be a rep on the SLACO board. Janet asked that members of the LPNA attend the SLACO conference on April 18, 2017. SLACO is asking that each association send six participants or purchase an ad. The Board unanimously approved purchasing an ad.

*In the future welcome packets will be distributed by Lisa, Tim & Shawn.

*2018 Calendar – Should remain the same with the exception of a different date for Linfest. Lisa will decide and let everyone know.


Communications Committee – Website membership plug-in won’t work. Greg will research new plug-ins. Pat will contact several IT people that she works with. The Board approved paying someone to help. After discussion about the Facebook group it was decided that rules will be more clearly spelled out in group.


Business – Chik-Fil-A will open in the first quarter of 2018. Pretzel Boys is opening in the former Kelly Sign location. Walter Knoll on Hampton is closing. New business looking at the former Andre’s Ribs location. HBCA’s Eggs & Issues will concern coaching for business owners. Daniel Schmidt is working on a survey to mail to business owners on Ivanhoe. Joe still is working on the CID for Hampton.


Janet is looking for another location for the Nov. 11, 2017 Board meeting. Salah Alhussin asked to speak to the Board concerning a used car lot next to Murray’s Shaved Ice.


Treasurer Report – 3rd Quarter income: $583.79, Cash on hand: 26,244.07, CD: $6,450.99


Park – Joe will check on getting another trash can near the pavilion.


Community Garden – Good harvest of tomatoes, beans, lettuce, etc.   Garden will have four open spots next year. SLU students will be laying compost on Wabash on Nov. 11, 2017.


Green Team – Next one on Nov. 4, last one had a poor turnout.


Events – Tweetup/Going Away Party for Janet on October 24 at Snax,


Block Captains – Liz Hatfield & Elizabeth Rogier are the new bloc captain chairs.



Respectfully Submitted.

Pat Acquisto