LPNA Board Meeting Minutes – 11/17/2018

Lindenwood Park Neighborhood Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

November 17, 2018 – 9.30am – 11.30am, Machacek Library



Present: Pat Acquisto, Greg Roggeman, Lisa Roggeman, Emily Rogier, Tim Nowell, Milton Murry, Lindsay Alsop, Carol Hofer, Doug Dick

Absent: Craig Strohbeck, Jessica Sullivan, Joe Vaccaro



The Minutes from October 9, 2018 were approved.  Lisa was complimented on producing efficient Minutes.


Disbursement of funds

It was agreed that the procedures for the disbursement of funds will be added to the Bylaws of LPNA.

Lisa to email current Bylaws to all Board members.


General Membership Meeting

  • Recognize Board Members and recognize LPNA neighborhood improvements and accomplishments;
  • Invite neighborhood business owners – Anne Stirnemann from City Sewing Room & Aurel Bardho from River’s Edge Social;
  • Christmas party – all to bring cookies, Pat to bring soda, Emily to bring water. T-shirts will be available for sale
  • Milton will have a slide show presentation of the Wabash garden and Community Garden.
  • The Agenda and the President’s Report will be posted on the website and social media.
  • Name tags will be provided at all General Membership meetings.
  • It was decided that Lindsay will present the year end financial report during the 1st quarter meeting in order to give police more time to investigate the scam.


Committee Reports

Streets & Properties:

  • 7080 Oleatha: Sold.
  • 6900 Pernod: No progress to report.
  • 6449 Pernod: Building is condemned. It has changed ownership.
  • 6979 Pernod: Tawana (NIS) is assisting Streets and Properties with follow up’s and gathering information. There is a dumpster outside.  No permits have been requested going forward.
  • 7081 Pernod: House is still condemned but for sale for $92,900. Price was reduced from $119K.



  • Lindenwood Live: Committee will have a “wrap up” meeting and discuss 2019 program. Dates have been set for: May 27th, June 23rd, Sept 1st (primo concert), and Aug 4th.  Tim is looking at bands and the concert committee will meet to make decisions.
  • Movie Night: This will be cancelled in lieu of adding a concert to Lindenwood Live.
  • Tweetup: The final Tweetup for the year will be on November 27th at Salt + Smoke.
  • Holiday Lighting Contest: Jorie Schuckman will be looking for volunteers to help with judging.



  • Website: Ongoing. Greg stressed the need to promote lindenwoodpark.org/join to people wanting to join and renew their membership. Greg will be talking to Darren re check boxes for volunteering opportunities on the application form. We are continuing to use our 1 hour per month with Hot Lava.



  • Green Team: Highway trash pickup was postponed 1 week. 6 people attended. Tim will send a thank you email to those who participated. We have signed up with MODOT for another 3 years.
  • Park: Nothing to report
  • Community Garden: Beds are ready to be winterized. Looking for new gardeners for the new year.
  • Wabash Garden: 185 plants were planted; newspaper mulch was added and composted. Rev. Rall may possibly add a bee hive to the garden.


Block Captain Report:

  • Dates for meetings have been set for 2019.
  • 1 new Block Captain joined the program.


Treasurer’s Report

  • 70 Welcome packs need to be distributed. Need to add the 2019 calendar.



  • The old bank account has been closed. 2 checks were returned (Knights of Columbus and Special Events). They will be reissued from the new account.
  • Lindsay will update the account info on the PayPal account.
  • Pat will be given online access to the check account.



  1. Resolve to open a CD for $10,000 over 15-month period. Signatories to be Lindsay Alsop and Pat Acquisto.

Motion:                Doug Dick

Seconded:          Tim Nowell

9 Yay/0 Nay:       Motion Passed

  1. Resolve to add Pat Acquisto to Regions Check account as signatory.

Motion:                                Emily Rogier

Seconded:          Lisa Roggeman

9 Yay/Nay:          Motion Passed


The 501 (c) 3 status for Linden Heights was renewed.


Old Business

New logo:

  • Emily, Carol, Lisa, Pat to meet to discuss a new logo.
  • Consider contacting a neighborhood resident who does 3D printing to develop signage for the entrances to our neighborhood.


New Business

New Board Members

  • Pat will announce that there are Board openings available at the General Membership meeting.
  • New Board Members must agree to the following requirements:
    • Must be a member of the association for at least 1 year;
    • Must adhere to a set term as per our Bylaws;
    • Must commit to completing the Orientation training.


Lisa to add to bylaws: Two (2) Board Members must sign the Financial Report to confirm amounts reported match printed info.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,

Lisa Roggeman

LPNA Secretary