LPNA Board Meeting Minutes – 4/11/2018

Lindenwood Park Neighborhood Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

April 11, 2018 – 7pm – 8.30pm, Epiphany of our Lord meeting room



Present: Pat Acquisto, Greg Roggeman, Lisa Roggeman, Lindsay Alsop, Daniel Schmidt, Carol Hofer, Joe Vaccaro, Tim Nowell

Apologies: Shawn McLain, Craig Strohbeck, Milton Murry

Absent: Doug Dick, Jessica Sullivan



The Minutes from February 10, 2018 were approved.


Aldermanic Report

  • 7081 Pernod: Squatters were living in the basement and police arrested 3 people. The previous owner said they could stay there. House is still condemned. This property will be placed back on the Problem Property list. Property is currently owned by South & Associates PC. Tim to arrange for a letter to be sent to the owners from the Streets & Properties Committee.
  • Park Building: The building is ours to use as and when needed for meetings/storage. Joe will arrange to have the locks changed once the Parks Dept. have removed all the old paperwork. The tables and chairs will remain behind for our use.
  • Concerts: Permits have been applied for. Joe will arrange for 5 barricades as well as trash barrels for each concert.
  • Speed Humps: Speed humps are being installed on Bradley Ave. Rubber humps were suggested but cost is around $5,000 as opposed to $1,500.
  • Budget: Applied for $150k for both parks. Looking at cameras in both parks and possibly laser-grading the fields. Send Joe a list of sidewalks that need repairing.
  • NIS: The City is short 4 NIS’s. Joe will be the NIS liaison for our ward and will elicit help from Dottie Pennington who heads up the NIS program when necessary – mostly for property issues.


Neighborhood Businesses

  • Kounter Kulture: They received permission to apply for a liquor license. They will be required to get signatures from neighbors to apply for it.
  • Circle K: Have not yet spoken to the neighbors. The home owner next to Circle K wants to sell his house to them, but his neighbors are opposed to living next door to a gas station. Joe will speak to them to determine how they could make it happen.
  • Blue Print Coffee: Nothing new to report. Should be opening soon.
  • Charm Me Candy: They are operating out of Anmar Photography Studio and possibly on Anmar’s business license.
  • Spot Media Production Group: A TV commercial company that also produces The Thread TV show. Located at 5550 Fyler.

Ivanhoe Business Development

  • Dan has the updated list of businesses and property owners on Ivanhoe. The letters/surveys are ready to go out. Deadline for survey to be returned will be May 10th.


Committee Reports


Streets & Properties:

6982 Tholozan: Sun Coast Builders bought the property and obtained a permit to add a 2nd floor. Owner was killed in November. Property was sold to a Bosnian gentleman who is moving ahead with the clean-up. Trees have been cut down and wood stacked. He is planning to tear down the house and build 2 houses in the space.

  • 6900 Pernod: 2 houses will be torn down. Nothing new to report.
  • 7081 Pernod: Will be placed back on the Problem Property list.



  • Lindenwood Live: concerts and food trucks are organized. Waiting for payment from 2 more food trucks.
  • Jamie from Frankly Sausages wants to start a monthly social event in the park, to be called “Third Thursday,” from May – October 2018. They will organize everything but have asked if we could promote it. Greg will be the LPNA contact person.
  • Flea Market: All tables are rented. Timothy Lutheran’s youth group will sell coffee and donuts. A couple more volunteers are needed to help box up items, clean up and tear down tables after the event. There was a discussion about buying our own tables that we could possibly store Timothy Lutheran or in the park building. Tables would be used for Flea Market and LinFest. This was tabled for another time.
  • Trivia: Date is set for July 14th in Timothy Lutheran’s gym. Theme is the 70’s. Looking at ways to encourage challenges between tables, i.e. block vs block.
  • LinFest: The Save the Date letter went out. We received a donation of 10 gift cards from Donut Drive-In. Farmhaus will also be participating. Pat has sent in the application for the Special Events permit.
  • Membership: Welcome packs were delivered. Katie Weintraub will provide her new flyers/brochures to be included in our next batch. We will also add a donated home-made “welcome to your new home” greeting card. Calls were made to lapsed members and received a positive response. Pat to call Jessica to confirm her involvement.



  • Hot Lava: Greg called references provided and received excellent feedback. He played a voicemail response that was full of praise for their services. Greg will ask Larry to provide a contract for 1 year. We will ask Shawn McLain to look over the contract before signing it.


Block Captain’s:

  • Vince Stehlin is our contact person for the Trash Task Force team. Report any illegal dumping to him for follow up. There was a very successful alley cleanup of the alley behind the 6900 blocks of Plainview and Chippewa.


Green Team:

  • 12 people attended the highway clean up. Milton and Sharon had completed a “pre-clean-up” clean up a few days before so the event went quickly. Bridget Rodriguez will ask some of her sons’ friends from school if they’d like to help at the next event. Children will be encouraged to stay up on the hill away from traffic.


Community Garden:

  • Help is still needed at the Wabash garden at Oleatha/Wabash. Help is also needed to haul stumps and debris from Wabash. Lindsay will call Bob’s Lawncare to see if he can remove it.



Shawn McLain has tendered his resignation from the Board. His family is growing, and he would like to dedicate more time to them. He will remain an active volunteer. Refer any possible replacements to Pat.


Rich Fava, a block captain, expressed an interest in the safety committee.


Respectfully submitted,

Lisa Roggeman