LPNA Board Meeting Minutes – 5/12/2018

Lindenwood Park Neighborhood Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

May 12, 2018 – 9.30am – 11.30am, Machacek Library Meeting Room



Present: Pat Acquisto, Greg Roggeman, Lisa Roggeman, Lindsay Alsop, Daniel Schmidt, Tim Nowell, Milton Murry, Craig Strohbeck

Apologies: Doug Dick

Absent: Carol Hofer, Jessica Sullivan, Joe Vaccaro



The Minutes from April 11, 2018 were approved.


Review of the Strategic Plan went to Goal 1, Strategy 1.2 on page 3. Pat will amend the Strategic Plan and keep it up to date.


General Membership Meeting

Speaker for the meeting will be Elizabeth Farr, Bi State – bike sharing program.

Greg Roggeman – website development and membership form online. (Tentative)


Neighborhood Businesses

  • Circle K: Wants to rezone the property without talking to the neighbors. Joe will check to see if a conditional re-zoning is possible and talk to the neighbors to find out what we can do to make this work.

Ivanhoe Business Development

  • 38 surveys and a self-addressed, stamped envelope were mailed to businesses on Ivanhoe and the deadline for them to be returned was May 10th. No survey’s received as yet. Dan has a list of physical issues (i.e.) lifted sidewalks, installing flower boxes and will email them to Joe. Need to find out who will fund this project – Joe or LPNA.


Committee Reports


Streets & Properties:

  • 6982 Tholozan: A demolition permit was requested. The owner bought and renovated 6963 Hancock (for comparison)
  • 6900 Pernod: 2 houses are going on the market for $45k each.
  • Church on Jamieson: Owners live in Florissant. There are people living in the rectory, but possibly with no occupancy permit.



  • Lindenwood Live: Received bike racks, traffic plan and have insurance. Mario’s truck’s permit has lapsed but he will re-apply for it. Greg, Tim and Doug will have an email meeting to finalize details. People with disabilities who need accommodations can be dropped off on Pernod closest to the pathway and drive through alley to exit. Tim will man the barricades until the last food truck arrives and Dan will man them from 5pm – 6pm. Will need help moving the barricades to the building after the concert.
  • Third Thursday: They are in the process of applying for the special events permit. Doesn’t look like it will occur in May.
  • Flea Market: 23 tables were sold. Total income was $763.02, minus expenses left total profit at $497.37. $100 was donated to Timothy Lutheran for the use of the gym.
  • Trivia: Date is set for July 14th in Timothy Lutheran’s gym. Theme is the 70’s.
  • LinFest: Planning will commence soon.
  • Membership: Welcome packs will be delivered before the next general membership meeting.
  • Tweetup: The next Tweetup will be on Tuesday May 22nd at River’s Edge Social.


  • Hot Lava: Shawn reviewed the contract. We added a non-disclosure clause and agreed to an additional 1 hour roll over time during initiation of program. Greg will call Darren (Hot Lava) to start the process.


Block Captain’s:

  • Nothing to report.


Green Team:

  • City needs to cut the grass. Next highway clean-up is scheduled for June 9th. Tim will contact Meagan O’Brian from The Gathering to see about a group helping us and Bridget Rodriguez to see if her children’s friends want to help (along the fence route only).


Community Garden:

  • Help is still needed at the Wabash garden at Oleatha/Wabash. Stumps are gone and honeysuckle was dug out. Milton is to decide on a date and time to get some work done and we will promote it and make an event day for it. Ground cover in June and grasses need to be planted in October.

New Board Members

Names of possible new Board Members can be referred to Pat.


New Business

Lindsay proposed contacting neighboring neighborhood associations to pool resources and to hire someone who would take care of permits for events, co-ordinate clean-ups etc. Pro’s would be that it should free up Board Members and we’d be able to work with other neighborhoods. Con’s would be that we’d lose community involvement by hiring non-community members. We could possibly look for someone to help with the parks.


Respectfully submitted,

Lisa Roggeman