LPNA Board Meeting Minutes – 7/11/2018

Lindenwood Park Neighborhood Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

July 11, 2018 – 7pm – 8.30pm, Assumption Room, Epiphany Church



Present: Pat Acquisto, Greg Roggeman, Lisa Roggeman, Tim Nowell, Milton Murry, Doug Dick, Craig Strohbeck, Joe Vaccaro, Dan Schmidt

Apologies: Lindsay Alsop, Jessica Sullivan

Absent: Carol Hofer



Dan Schmidt tendered his resignation from the Board after thanking the Board for the hard work that is put into the neighborhood. Everyone agreed that he was a great asset to the Board and the neighborhood and will be missed. Dan will be getting married and moving to Dardenne Prairie. Dan then left the meeting.


The Minutes from May 12, 2018 were approved.


General Membership Meeting

  • Speaker for the meeting will be someone from the St. Louis Circuit Judges.
  • Kevin Reddy, owner of Blue Print Coffee.


Neighborhood Business Report

  • Nothing to report.


Ivanhoe Business Development

  • There have been a few surveys received. Lindsay has them and will report back at the next meeting.


Aldermanic Report

  • Circle K: A town hall meeting was held and the biggest issue is traffic congestion. Joe will set up a town hall meeting with the traffic department to hear the concerns and discuss the issue. Circle K is proposing less pumps, lighting, no exit on Fyler and landscaping at the back of the building. They will be tearing down and moving the building 11 ft from the property boundary and enlarging it by 1,000 ft. This is projected to be proposed during the next Aldermanic session.
  • Critter Control: No info to report.


Committee Reports


Streets & Properties:

  • 6982 Tholozan: A basement and foundation has been poured. The owner bought and renovated 6963 Hancock (for comparison)
  • 6900 Pernod: 2 houses are for sale for $90k each.
  • Church on Jamieson: Wendy Barnes is checking to find out how people could move into the house without an occupancy permit.
  • 7081 Pernod: House is still condemned but for sale for $119k.

The Streets and Properties Committee has not had a recent meeting but will meet on August 13th. There are concerns about us not having an NIS. The City has a Problem Properties Dept. who can assist. Tim to give feedback after next meeting.



  • Lindenwood Live: The first 2 concerts were organized really well and were very successful. The 3rd concert will be held on Sunday September 2nd. The band is The Fire Keepers. Food trucks will be present. Raising Cane’s will be sponsoring $500 and Pat will arrange a banner to be hung on the bandstand saying they are joint-sponsoring Lindenwood Live with LPNA.
  • Trivia: 9 tables have been sold. Tables still available. Tons of attendance prizes from area businesses and 10 sponsors.
  • Tweetup: Tweetup’s are set up for July 24 at Snax, August 28 at Edibles & Essentials, September 25 at Aya Sofia (tentative).


  • Website: The new Membership Application form and PayPal payment will go live on Friday July 13th. Greg will test it by paying his dues. Darren from Hot Lava will be available in the event that there are issues to fix. Greg and Lindsay will run the membership system parallel to Lindsay’s Excel spreadsheet. Only new and renewing members will show up on the system. Old members will not be transferred. The PayPal system will be located on our server.



Block Captain’s:

  • Nothing to report. Block Captain’s meeting was held the same time as the Board meeting.


Green Team:

  • Next highway clean-up is scheduled for Sept. 8th. Tim will contact Meagan O’Brian from The Gathering to see about a group helping us. Tim will cut the grass in the triangle as we can’t wait for the City.




  • Kim Haegele, the new Park’s Commissioner is not helpful. The Park needs cutting desperately. Craig and Joe have sent numerous emails and made several calls to request this. The excuses are that the equipment was broken, it rained, but these are issues that could be dealt with. Joe will send the Board email addresses of the key people to complain to and we are free to distribute them as necessary in order to get results.
  • Craig proposed adding a path at each corner as a cut through to avoid the corner.
  • Weeds need to be pulled at the bandstand garden and butterfly garden. Craig will contact some volunteers.


Community Garden:

  • Community Garden is doing very well. Already getting tomatoes and squash.
  • Wabash garden at Oleatha/Wabash is doing well. The plastic is down, continuing with weeding and want to paint the barriers. Milton and Sharon will try to source help from the SLU Green Billikens and scout troupes to help plant in October. We need the volunteers to sign the Grant to prove it’s a community initiative.

New Board Members

  • Pat contacted Emily Rogier and she has agreed to join the board. Lisa to contact Emily regarding Board Orientation. We are still short 2 Board members.


New Business


  • Impact Letter: There will be an impact letter ready for signature at the 2nd District. Lisa will contact Vince Stehlin to make it available at the next Tweetup.
  • Swag: STL Style won’t print individual flags or shirts. We will look at having flags made with the pole banner logo and make them available for sale at LinFest.


Respectfully submitted,

Lisa Roggeman