LPNA Board Meeting Minutes – 8/17/2019

Lindenwood Park Neighborhood Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

August 17, 2019 – 9.30am – 12.30pm, Machacek Library


Present: Pat Acquisto, Lisa Roggeman, Milton Murry, Lindsay Alsop, Emily Rogier, Carol Hofer, Mary Ann Rogers, Aaron Dohogne – guest

Apologies: Tim Nowell, Doug Dick, Emily Yale, Greg Roggeman

Absent: Craig Strohbeck


Lindsay met Aaron Dohogne who was cleaning up at the park several weeks ago while some volunteers were planting flowers left over from the Ivanhoe planters.  He has a love for plants and trees and has planted several trees in Lindenwood Park and often walks the park picking up trash and limbs.  Aaron is a teacher at GSA and has an Environmental Club that several students have joined.  He obtained 60 trees from Missouri Releaf and planted them in sparse areas that needed trees.  He plans on getting 100 trees next year and wants to plant them around Earth Day (in April).  He is looking for volunteers that will help with planting and take responsibility for watering them.


Aaron is also asking LPNA to advise him on target areas for the trees to be planted (ie) Epiphany’s sports field (Pat to provide contact details), possibly around the Wabash garden and various traffic triangles in the neighborhood.  No trees should block driver’s views.  A park committee meeting needs to be set up to include Aaron.


The Strategic Plan discussion of goal 3 was tabled until the next Saturday meeting due to a long discussion with Aaron Dohogne.


The Minutes from February 16, 2019 amended to note that the Jamieson church rectory is a 2-storey, single residence building and not a 4-family building.  Minutes were then approved. Motion made by Mary Ann Rogers, seconded by Emily Rogier.


General Membership Meeting

  • Guest speakers:
    • Lindsay contacted Donna Baringer who did not return his call regarding tax incentives.
    • Juvenile Center – children caught in illegal situations are taken downtown, questioned and released. Deeba suggested at the crime meeting that we have someone from the Juvenile Center talk at our meeting.  Pat to contact Cpt. Deeba for contact information
    • Spire – Pat will contact a Spire representative regarding the digging up of our roads.
    • Yard signs “lock it or lose it” – is it feasible to have these around our neighborhood? Mary Ann will contact Vince Stehlin to enquire about them.
    • Lawn & Garden contest – Doug will announce the winners and hand out awards.
    • Elected Officials reports
    • SLPD report
    • It was agreed that Kyle Goldkuhl from Bubba’s Deli and Jill Campbell from Love Unleashed would better suit the December meeting


Committee Reports

Streets & Properties:

  • The Streets & Properties Committee will meet Monday August 19, 2019.
  • Jamieson Church: The owners have been invited to the Aug 19th meeting to discuss the future of the building.
  • 6977 Pernod: Kajuana Thomas, NIS, is tasked with checking into permits and what is going on with the building.
  • 6969 – 6971 Lindenwood: Buildings are run down and in bad shape and are rented often. NIS is tasked to address it.
  • 6973 Mardel: Will be under discussion at the August 19th NIS is tasked to address it.
  • 7080 Oleatha: Will be under discussion at the August 19th meeting. NIS is tasked to address it.
  • 7058 Mardel: Will be under discussion at the August 19th meeting. NIS is tasked to address it.
  • 6551 Pernod: Limbs are down and only a trunk remains – in the back yard. Building is vacant.
  • 3334 Leola: Reports of weeds, rodents and snakes. Building is vacant.



  • Lawn & Garden Contest: Doug will announce winners at the Membership meeting.
  • Trivia: Raised approximately $3,200, had $340 expenses, net profit was approximately $2.500. Sold 13 tables.  Had a great response from sponsors and donors.
  • Lindenwood Live: Emily Rogier will man the LPNA table. Mary Ann Rogers will help setting it up. Lindsay will ask Doug about deliver and pick up costs for the recycle bin frames.
  • Tweetup: August’s Tweetup will be at River’s Edge Social. September’s Tweetup is confirmed for Aya Sofia. October’s Tweetup will involve Babes, Bubba’s Deli, Vinnie’s and Pizza-A-Go-Go.



  • LPNA Website: We hope to launch the new website by the end of this month. Wendy Barnes has been implementing all suggestions received from the Board.  The staging site staging.lindenwoodpark.org is running very slow but this should improve once the site has been launched. The theme of the website has been upgraded to the pro version and Second Sight Massage paid $43.99 as part of their website sponsorship.
  • Newsletter/Mailchimp: As per Greg’s emailed report Mailchimp is now charging $9.99 per month to enable us to send out group emails. A vote was taken to approve this monthly cost.  Pat Acquisto made a motion to approve it and it was seconded by Lindsay Alsop.  Greg no longer has the time to dedicate to the monthly newsletter.  Emily Rogier offered to take it over as from September.  Mary Ann Rogers offered to be her backup.  Greg will assist where necessary.
  • Committee: A communication committee meeting is scheduled for August 18th at Greg’s house.



  • Park: Safety issues in the building have been reported to Kim Haegele by Emily Yale. Kim has sent Joe Vaccaro estimates on replacing the windows and roof.  Joe is looking for matching funds.  Kim and Joe will meet to discuss grant money and an estimate will be sent to Pat and Emily Yale.  There are 3 dead trees on Prather and an unsafe bench on Jamison at Pernod that needs to be repaired or replaced.
  • Green Team: The grass was cut in the triangle, trash was collected and the next cleanup is scheduled for September 7th. Tim to request our Green Team sign on the highway moved from under the bridge to before the exit.
  • Community Garden: Gardens are producing fruit and looking good. Some new gardeners are requesting beds for next year.
  • Wabash Garden: The plants by the fence are being overheated due to the heat coming off the roads.
  • Wash U Cameras: Wash U has several wireless wildlife cameras in various parks to monitor wildlife activity. Milton will enquire whether Lindenwood Park can get them and forward the website to Pat.


Block Captain Report:

  • Next meeting is on October 2nd. Working on getting a guest speaker for the meeting as well as working on the meeting dates for 2020.


Membership Report

  • There was a lot of discussion regarding the letter Bill Kay prepared for us. It was agreed that it would be great info for the website and possibly to be used as the flip side of a more personal type of letter from the President.
  • Pat will re-write it from a personal perspective and the plan is to send it out in October.
  • A membership social evening was suggested that would be for paid up members only who would have to RSVP in order to attend.
  • Welcome packs are ready to be delivered.


Treasurer’s Report

  • Nothing to report.


Old Business

  • Available Board Positions: 2 positions are available. Gabe Gasson will attend the October Board meeting as a guest.  Pat will contact Adam and Amy Rustige to see if they may be interested in joining the Board as they have been dedicated volunteers.


New Business

  • Nothing to report.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,

Lisa Roggeman