LPNA Board Meeting Minutes – 8/12/2017

Lindenwood Park Neighborhood Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

August 12, 2017



Attendance: Carol Hofer, Shawn McLain, Tim Nowell, Pat Acquisto, Lisa Roggeman, Greg Roggeman, Doug Dick, Jessica Sullivan, Craig Strohbeck, Lindsay Alsop


The July, 2017 minutes were approved.


Strategic Plan tabled.


General Membership Meeting – Possible speakers: Lyda Krewson has been asked, waiting to hear, or Dr. King from Watson Rd. Vet.


Website – Still having problems with Paypal. Changes will be done by the end of September. An announcement will be made at the general membership meeting explaining delay.


Community Betterment Meeting – Aug. 29, 7:30, Timothy Lutheran, Lewis Reed is pushing his bill.


Businesses – Blueprint Coffee, 4206 Watson waiting for permits. F& B Eatery has enough signatures for liquor license. MK Asian Persuasion opening on Loughborough and Panda Express is opening at US Bank site on Hampton. Royal Bank will have new hours starting Jan. 1. Most services will be done at a central location.


Janet’s Duties – Pat will take over as President for one term. Shawn will help as Block Capt. Chair. Lisa will chair the Flea Market. Lindsay will be the SLACO rep. Concert Committee will be Greg, Doug and Tim. Shawn will be on Streets & Property.


Ivanhoe Business District – Survey idea tabled until we get more info from Daniel Schmidt.


EventsTweetup –-Babe’s/Vinnie’s in August, Sept. – Aya Sofia, October tentatively Snax

Concerts – Aug. 20 The Zonkeys, portable toilets have been ordered.

Lawn & Garden Contest – Board approved new winner signs, Doug will order. It was               decided to give Dr. Marino an award for business landscape. Doug will put a sign on the                property and take pictures.

Trivia Night –netted $2400

Movie Night – Sept. 29, movie T/B/D



Problem Properties – 7086 Pernod : Lisa reported problem with this property. Police and City have been notified. Kasey Paige is becoming a more of a problem lately – Joe and Christy Boyd are aware.


Park – City has not been keeping up with mowing and the water fountains still are not fixed. Clean-up will be Sept. 30. Craig will order mulch.



Respectfully Submitted.

Pat Acquisto