Machacek Library Promotes Summer Reading Club

May 4 is the first day of Summer Reading Club – for children AND adults.  If you have a card, stop

by the Machacek Library  and sign-up  yourself and your children.  If you don’t have a card, stop by

and get one.   After reading 10 books, magazines or audiobooks etc.,  you can get a prize.  It’s super

easy and not too painful.  The number of signups is one of the most important indicators of how a

branch is doing, so please stop by the library on or after May 4 to help out your neighborhood branch.




On Friday, May 15 at 11:30am  Machacek library is hosting a free concert in honor of Older

Americans  Month.  People of all ages are invited to hear Gary Schoenberger (he’s from the

neighborhood!)  People of all ages are invited to hear Gary perform his original songs.  There will be

snacks and coffee too.