Malinckrodt School

The Lindenwood Neighborhood has been blessed with a variety of public and private schools.  Previous newsletters have featured a history of Lindenwood School, Epiphany of Our Lord School and Word of Life School.  This newsletter will feature the only public school still operating in our neighborhood, Mallinckrodt School, located on the corner of Hampton and Pernod.

Mallinckrodt opened in 1928 at 6012 Pernod with the construction of portable buildings called the Pernod Portables.  The name was changed to Mallinckrodt Portables in 1929. The school took its name from Edward Mallinckrodt, a chemist and philanthropist, founder of the Mallinckrodt Chemical Company.

The current school building was one of many city schools designed by George W. Sanger and it was erected in 1940 on the same site as a WPA project.

The school initially operated as a Kindergarden through 8th grade school, but is now a Magnet School, the Academy of Basic Instruction.  It serves Preschool through Grade 5 with a total enrollment of 270.

The “Pernod Portables” in 1938 before Mallinckrodt School was built.
The “Pernod Portables” in 1938 before Mallinckrodt School was built.