Proposition NS Neighborhood Stabilization Ordinance

Thanks to a lot of hard work by many neighborhood leaders from across St. Louis City, there is a proposed ordinance that would generate up to $6 million a year to stabilize up to 200 vacant LRA( Land Reutilization Authority)buildings each year. The bond issue’s purpose is to get vacant properties out of LRA hands and into the hands of people who will convert them into neighborhood assets rather than neighborhood problem spots.


This effort is led by 5 individuals who are serving as a “Committee of the Petitioners” essentially a steering committee for the campaign. These individuals have been active in their own neighborhoods for many years and represent different neighborhoods in different part of the City, as evidence that Vacancy affects all of us in the City of St. Louis. These individuals are:

  • Mark Abbott of Tower Grove South
  • Mark Irvin Dowdy of West End
  • Anastasia Ross of Holly Hills
  • Sundy Whiteside of Walnut Park East
  • Alvin Willis of Lewis Place


Vacant Properties Impact Everyone: You are already paying now.

  • Cost of police and fire calls
  • Mowing/Maintenance of vacant lots
  • Decreased property values
  • Lost tax revenue
  • Safety issues


What Would the Bond Issue Provide?

  • Up to $30,000 on a single family home and up to $50,000 on a multi-family residential property to assure water tightness (including work related to the roof, gutters, tuckpointing, etc.) structural stabilization improvements, boarding up of the building and interior demolition necessary to prepare such properties for further private redevelopment.
  • Properties, thus improved must be sold on a property by property basis (and not in bulk) to the highest bidder provided the purchaser can prove sufficient financing and the ability to further renovate the property.



What would the Bond Issue cost?

  • One-tenth cent property tax estimated to cost a property owner $19 per year on a $100,000 home.



Who Can Sign the Petition?

  • Registered voters in the City of St. Louis
  • Must sign using the name and address on your voter registration card(For instance using the name Michael instead of Mike etc.)
  • If the voter has moved but hasn’t changed their registration to reflect their new address they should use their old address.


Does Signing Mean This Petition is Now Law?

  • No. Signing merely means you support putting the petition on the March, 2017 ballot. A total of 10,000 registered City voters’ signatures are required to put this petition on the ballot.



Does the Lindenwood Park Neighborhood Association support this petition?

The Lindenwood Park Neighborhood Association cannot take a position on political issues. The Association is merely providing the information to residents and providing an opportunity to sign at the next Neighborhood Association General Membership Meeting on September 12.


Lindenwood Park Neighborhood Association General Membership Meeting

Monday, September 12, 2016


Union United Methodist Church, 3543 Watson Road

Corner of Pernod and Watson