Some Useful Info From the LPNA Meeting About Machacek Library:

For the kids:


There is a Homework Helper available to help kids with their homework. He is at the library from 3pm to 6pm, Monday-Friday. His job is literally just helping kids with their homework. K through 12th grade. He is here to help with math, science, whatever! He’s not a tutor, so he won’t just do math drills with a student or prep them for the ACT; his role is more along the lines of “Hey I’m stumped on this problem” or “My child is not understanding this the way I’m trying to help – could someone else try to explain it to them?” There are no appointments, it is just that whoever shows up, he will attend to them. Call the Machacek branch at (314) 781-2948 with questions!


For children grades 2-5, “Reading Pays” is going on right now. One book per family, it is a free book for the child to pick up. No strings attached, although we hope they’ll share it with their friends. This year’s book is The Great Greene Heist, by Varian Johnson, and it is a sort of Ocean’s Eleven, but for elementary school. The author will also be at Buder Library on October 18, so kids have a chance to meet him.


For adults:


On Saturday, September 30, there will be a Get Connected session. Adults can bring a mobile device (ie smart phone, tablet, etc) and find out how to download free ebooks, movies, music, and more from the Library. General mobile device questions are welcome, and they’ll do their best to give answers. No signup needed, drop in any time from 10 to noon.