The LPNA Community Garden

The LindenwoodParkNeighborhoodAssociationCommunityGarden is a community project sponsored by Lindenwood Park Neighborhood Association and supported by Gateway Greening, Inc. for neighbors, friends and volunteers to work together for its success.


Membership benefits: Our community garden provides you opportunities to meet others who are interested in gardening, share ideas about how to deal with pests, stories regarding garden success, and opportunities to learn about plants to consider. As a member of LPNA Community Garden in 2017 you can take advantage of all the resources and offers our Gateway Greening sponsor has to offer.  Gateway Greening offers free seminars, very inexpensive bedding plants and packets of seeds to member community gardeners.  There are also a number of opportunities to get to know other community gardeners and learn more about gardening when you volunteer at Gateway Greening and attend seminars.   Please go to to learn more.


Rules and policies are provided for safety, fairness, and to help make sure all members know what is expected of them.  Thank you for your cooperation in following these guidelines. They will ensure that everyone has a successful and enjoyable growing season.


  1. Dues:  $10.00 for the 2017 season (sometime March-November). Membership inquiries should be directed to the Garden Leaders—Sharon Panian, 314.647.7160, and Milton Murry, 314.644.3661,
  2. Only Garden Leaders make bed assignments.
  3. Garden beds are not transferable or assumed when a member leaves the garden.


  1. Communication:  Email/phone Sharon and Milton. Emails will be forwarded via bc: to share with all other garden members when expected.  We are using bc: emails to protect privacy.  We have used Yahoo Groups previously but it quit working properly after a Yahoo upgrade. Please contact Sharon and Milton about any issues, concerns, or problems.


  1. Maintenance of Common Area:  Members are expected to participate in the care and maintenance of our common garden throughout the growing season (March through November). You are agreeing to help maintain the garden common areas as well as your individual plot.
  2. The Common Area includes the following areas: (1) corner garden with flowers near Smiley and the alley, (2) corner garden with ornamental grasses near Smiley and the alley, (3) butterfly bush, (4) milkweed raised bed for monarch butterflies near the compost bins, and (5) all the common grass areas.
  3. Common Area maintenance includes watering and weeding around the butterfly bush, corner garden with flowers, milkweed raised bed, and corner garden with ornamental grasses.  It also includes mowing and edging grass around raised beds, picnic table, bench, and compost bins.
  4. 2017 sign up: Members will sign up for one (1) week of Common Area garden maintenance throughout the 32 weeks growing season beginning the week starting Saturday, April 1st and ending the week starting Saturday, November 4th (see 2017 Community Garden Maintenance Schedule).  If you are not able to complete your work commitment, it is your responsibility to find another garden member to get the work done.  If all else fails, contact the garden leaders for help.
  5. Please pick up any trash and debris in and around the garden and church parking lots whenever you visit.