Tweetup At Brazie’s Italian Restaurant!

Please come and join us for our last Tweetup of the year. We have booked a room at Brazie’s Ristorante at 3073 Watson Rd from 5.30pm – 7.30pm.

Brazie’s is a locally owned and operated restaurant that was started in 1993. You can check out their menu here:

Have you been meaning to come to a Tweetup to see what they’re all about? Did you suddenly realize that it’s the end of the year and you still haven’t attended one? Here’s your perfect opportunity to fullfill that dream! Tweetup’s are fun events where you can meet some new people, share some laughs and some good food and drinks and meet our Alderman and NIS in a social setting.

There’s no agenda – stay for 10 minutes or stay for 2 hours. “Tweetup” is just a social media buzz word for a happy hour. You do not have to “Tweet” or be on any social media network to attend. You are welcome to bring friends, family, colleagues to join us. It’s an opportunity to introduce people to our local restaurants and help support them on their “quieter” days.

Come and join us and have some fun. Please remember that you are responsible for payment of your own food and drinks.

See you on the 28th at Brazie’s! Happy Thanksgiving!