LPNA Board Meeting Minutes – 1/15/2020

Lindenwood Park Neighborhood Association
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
January 15, 2020

Attendance: Lindsay Alsop, Tim Nowell, Emily Rogier, Pat Acquisto, Milton Murry, Doug Dick, Gabe Gassner, Adam Rustige, Mary Ann Rogers. Excused: Lisa & Greg Roggeman, Emily Yale, Carol Hofer
Adam Rustige was unanimously voted in as a Board member.

The month printed on the November minutes was October, should have been November. The motion to approve the November, 2019 minutes with the change, was made by Pat and seconded by Doug with all in favor.

The terms for President and Secretary of the Board have expired. There were no nominees for the position. Lisa Roggeman will continue as Secretary and Pat Acquisto will remain as President, with the hopes that the Board will continue to seek a new President before her term expires.

General Membership Meeting – Speaker – Tishaura Jones, Treasurer of the City of St. Louis. Pat will also ask Love Unleashed since they did not speak at the December meeting.

Committees –

Streets & Property – There has not been a problem property meeting in several months. 7080 Oleatha sold and the new owner is Joan Miller who lives on Winona.

Events – Tweetup is January 28 at River’s Edge.

• Lisa is having trouble finding a location for Flea Market. Timothy Lutheran only has round tables. Epiphany does not have available times. She is waiting for SW Baptist approval, but they do not have enough tables. Several Board members mentioned that they have tables to lend. It was discussed that whether LPNA continues to host a flea market is entirely up to Lisa, as long as she is willing to do it, the Board will support her. But if she really doesn’t want to, we can discontinue.

• It was reported by Emily R. that the Linfest committee has 12 members. The band Common Ground has been confirmed for $500. The committee is talking to two breweries: Rockwell and Four Hands. They will be securing the billboard at Watson & Chippewa for $1,000 for 2 weeks. Chik-Fil-A has agreed to be a stage sponsor. Emily is working on getting members of the new MLS team to make an appearance. The next Linfest meeting is Feb. 6.

• An Event Committee meeting was planned for Feb. 13 at Tim’s,7:00.

Beautification –
Park – The new roof on the park building is completed. Emily Y. will check it out. The tree planting at the park, on Jamieson and on McCausland by Aaron & volunteers was successful. Although Milt mentioned that a few trees were not planted on McCausland at Tholozan and were still sitting there. Lindsay will let Aaron know.

Community Gardens – Rye was planted at the Smiley gardens and the planters on Ivanhoe. The rye will add nutrients to the soil. Gateway Greening classes start in February, Milt and Sharon will be encouraging the Smiley gardeners to attend.

Green Team – There has been no activity since the November meeting. Mary Ann will once again try to contact her friend at MODOT to fill in the ruts left by the trucks.

Membership – Lindsay is in the process of divvying up member names to Board members so they can make calls to collect past dues. Sharon Carpenter sent in an extra $150 with her dues. Lindsay will use it for her future dues.

Block Captains – Bridget Rodriquez spoke at the last meeting. Pat clarified a comment made by Bridget at the meeting. Bridget reported that Garcia Properties was not going to proceed with the Lindenwood Baptist Church development. Pat contacted Berto Garcia who indicated that on the contrary, they have submitted the plans to the City and fully intend to proceed with the project.

Treasurer Report – The QTD and YTD Balance Sheet and P& L were submitted. There was a net loss for 2019 of $2,764.83. Lindsay pointed out that a $5,000 donation was made to the RTCC camera fund, causing a loss. The checking & savings balance on 12/31/19 shows $27,497.60.

Old Business – It was decided that the Board will honor Craig Strohbeck for his many dedicated years as Park Chair. He was instrumental in reorganizing the playground area and having the gazebo installed. At the May concert he will be recognized with a Board resolution and by naming the gazebo the Strohbeck Gazebo. Pat will have a plaque made for the Gazebo and talk to Joe about the resolution.

Lindsay will send Watson Christian Church a donation for the 2019 use of their hall.

New Business – Pat will call the City about a new NIS.
Greg will be asked to make sure everyone has Lindenwood email addresses for their directory info.
Adam will look into planning a House Tour for 2021.

Respectfully Submitted,
Pat Acquisto (standing in for Lisa)