LPNA Board Meeting Minutes – 5/18/2019

Lindenwood Park Neighborhood Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

May 18, 2019 – 9.30am – 11.30am, Machecek Library


Present: Pat Acquisto, Lisa Roggeman, Milton Murry, Lindsay Alsop, Tim Nowell, Emily Rogier, Greg Roggeman,

Apologies: Doug Dick, Emily Yale, Joe Vaccaro

Absent: Carol Hofer, Cody Bell, Craig Strohbeck


The Minutes from April 17, 2019 were approved. Motion made by Pat Acquisto, seconded by Greg Roggeman.


The first hour of the meeting was dedicated to updating the Strategic Plan – Goal 2 completed.  Goal 3 will be completed at the next Saturday Board meeting.


General Membership Meeting

  • Guest speakers: Cody Hayo from Pretty City Gardens & Landscapes will talk about beautification of public areas and landscaping of private gardens
  • Aldermanic reports/Elected officials
  • SLPD report presented by Liaison Officer Vince Stehlin
  • Doug will talk about the Lawn & Garden contest.
  • Various committee reports.


Committee Reports

Streets & Properties:

  • Jamieson Church: The grass has been cut. The owner is working on fixing some of the issues. Someone is interested in purchasing the property.
  • 7080 Oleatha: Some of the brush has been cut.
  • 7036 Winona: Delinquent in paying taxes.
  • 6989 Pernod: Work is being done on the house. A dumpster was filled with stuff taken out of the house and removed. Grass needs cutting.
  • 6451 Pernod: 5 years behind on taxes. House is empty



  • Flea Market: Rented 20 tables at a cost of $293.55. Revenue was $838.55.  Expenses were $393.55. Total net profit was $445.00.
  • Lindenwood Live: We received a $75 donation from the Blues Society for booking one of their bands. Contracts from all bands and food trucks were received. Raising Cane’s will co-sponsor all 4 concerts.  Lisa and Emily R will man a table and sell raffle tickets for Raising Cane’s – also need LPNA membership application forms, directories, cash box, PayPal. (set up pop-up tent, table and chairs).  Yard signs need to go out a week before the first concert.  Banners need to be hung.  Tim and Milt will install poles in the Pernod/Jamieson corner garden for banner.  Pat to make available the concert banners and signs to be used.
  • Tweetup: May’s Tweetup will be at F&B’s Eatery. June’s Tweetup will be at Pietro’s on the patio.



  • LPNA Website: A meeting will be set up to discuss and work on a new website theme in order to bring the website up to date, once everyone is back from vacation.



  • Park: Mulch was spread, leaves around the tennis courts were cleaned, branches removed, planted flower, trimmed bushes etc. Small turnout but the job was completed.
  • Green Team: Next highway cleanup is scheduled for June 8th from 9am – noon.
  • Community Garden: All beds are taken. 6 beds had annual rye spread on them over the winter as a trial to see how the beds do during the growing season.
  • Wabash Garden: It takes around 2 hours to water the garden. Honeysuckle is still an issue and needs to be kept in control.  Plants are looking great.
  • Ivanhoe Planters: Planters have been picked out – 5 x rectangular planters and will be placed between Bradley and Scanlan. LPNA will provide soil and flowers.  Residents will maintain planters and flowers.
  • Beautification Committee: This is comprised of Craig Strohbeck (Committee Chairman), Emily Yale, Doug Dick, Mary Anne Rogers and the 3 corner gardeners. Craig to set up a meeting with the committee.


Block Captain Report:

  • Next meeting is on June 5th (no meeting in July). Looking for speakers/presenters – possibly someone from Garcia to talk about property taxes, also possible person to talk about creative ideas to use with flyers/door hangers.


Membership Report

  • Pat will write up a personal spin on the letter Lindsay and Milt wrote.
  • Welcome packets will be delivered before the next general membership meeting.
  • Elections – next elections will be for Vice-President and Treasurer at September meeting. Nominations will be open to the membership to vote for VP and Treasurer from current Board members as well as for membership to volunteer to be Board Members.  Pat will draw up Board structure and it will be posted to FB/Nextdoor/Website.


Treasurer’s Report

  • Nothing to report.


Old Business

  • Grants: Liz would like more info about what would be needed.  Pat will speak to her at the Block Captain meeting.
  • Snax: Possible inventors from St. Louis Hills looking at buying and running it as a restaurant business.


New Business

  • SLACO Trivia: Will be held at St. John the Baptist in August. Pat will send dates to the Board.
  • Vacations: Pat away from May 22nd – June 2nd.

Lisa away from May 23rd – June 17th.

Lindsay away from June 11th – July 12th.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,

Lisa Roggeman